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  1. Mozzie

    The Friendly Bunch

    We ave moved to Jcink, after Zeta announcing its joining up with Tapacrap we went to Icyboards, now Icyboards is closing down we have had to go to Jcink, all welcome
  2. Mozzie

    How can we secure our site from Hackers

    Strong passwords, Sitelock secure which i have
  3. Mozzie

    Free or premium hosting?

    I have free hosting and mine has been a great experience, i have had quick support when needed, but i have my own support group if needed, yes there are a few thing that are different, but in the in the long run, i am happy with it
  4. Mozzie

    The Friendly Bunch

    Board Name: The Friendly Bunch Board URL: The Friendly Bunch is a community based forum with great members from all over the world. Also, we have a fantastic team of staff that are friendly, helpful and always ready to assist our friends in any way they can...
  5. Mozzie

    Do You Have Staff?

    I have staff on mine, they are happy doing what they do, i don't ask them to do a lot but they do , do alot
  6. Mozzie

    Do cheat guides ruin gaming?

    I play challenge games, and at times you need a cheat sheet, but rarely will i use one
  7. Mozzie

    How do you monetize your site

    I don't, mine is a general board
  8. Mozzie

    How Long Do You Spend On Your Website Each Day?

    A few hours a day, if not ore, depends on what is going on
  9. Mozzie

    I had a look at this as well. looks okay