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Feb 9, 2018
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Please see the below items that are currently available. This will change often, so check back when you get the chance. All AD Credits will be deducted by an Administrator.

Username Change

Don't like your username? Want to change it? You can do so with this item. As long as the new name follows the same rules/guidelines that the old one did. It also must be a name that is not currently taken by another user.

Price: 200 AD Credits

Sticky Your Topic

You can get more views on your topic by sticking it to the top of the forum that it is currently in. You can use this to promote promo codes, websites, exchanges, etc. Your sticky will be activated for 1 week.

Price: 100 AD Credits

If you would like to purchase one of these items, please create a new topic with the item name as the thread title. Then just post how many or how long you would like the item. Then an administrator will assist you shortly and deduct the AD Credits.
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Not open for further replies.