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Oct 17, 2018
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Modern fabric sofa set ENJOY sofa series
The unique style of modernism and superior, elegant and spirited design is natural and noble. Best meeting the three requirements of customers for comforts. Practicality and aesthetics. Give you a graceful, romantic and leisurely environment. Enjoy the happy work hours brought by LOPO modern fabric sofa set.

Product view
Sofa nameModern fabric sofa set
Item No.ENJOY sofa series
ProductsSingle seat sofa, love seat, three seat sofa, stools, coffee table
DimensionSee the drawings below
RangeOpen office space/discussion room/reception sofa/executive room sofa/hotel lobby sofa/Coffee shop sofa

Our Designers from our visions
High back & Low back ! fit your office WELL
Round corner / Beauty and safe
Fashion color combination
Inspired by the top Italian furniture designers, the furniture design discovers the unique aesthetic value of simple and fashionable. ENJOY series products satisfy your pursuit of quality life, with exquisite details and excellent workmanship

Modern fabric sofa set drawing & Dimensions

Why you need us?
This full modern fabric sofa set series modern office sofa designs are designed and produced by LOPO furniture. Factory outlet price and service assured to all customers.Fabric Office Sofa factory