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Jan 8, 2019
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SJT-WVF5 Series Elevator - Integrated Control Cabinet
Application scope: simplex, duplex, and group control for 3-8 elevators (with a group control board)
Speed range: 0.25-4 m/s
Applicable elevators: passenger elevators, freight elevators, bed elevators, residential elevators, and panoramic elevators
Stops: < 64
It is applicable to geared traction machines and gearless permanent magnet machines.
The power levels supported include 5.5Kw, 7.5Kw, 11Kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw, 30kw, 37Kw,45Kw and 75Kw.
● The integrated control cabinet of SJT-WVF5 series elevator uses iBL6 series intelligent elevator core system to combine logic control with VVVF drive.
● High and integrated sharing of resources.
● To meet customer demands, the cabinet has different sizes to fit various elevators equipped or not equipped with equipment rooms.
● The cabinet provides diversified interfaces to support wireless and wired remote monitoring, cell monitoring, elevator IC/ID card access management, sound broadcast, and fire linkage control.
● Used for both geared machine and gearless machine.
● Elevator monitoring module over Internet: collects data relevant to elevator running, fault, and maintenance to implement real-time elevator monitoring.Integrated Microprocessor Control Cabinet manufacturers