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Polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDCs) for cutting tools are currently being developed toward size upsizing, quality optimization, uniform performance, and diversified shape structures. The large-diameter PDC not only reduces the cost per unit area, improves the utilization rate, buhttp://www.diamondwk.com/pdc-cutter/
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Union Power Co ., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers and exporters in China , Involved in PC, Mobile phone accessories, we can offer our client not only high quality products with competitive price ,but also technical solution and best professional service.
※Our Factoryhttp://www.ele-union.com/
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Qingdao Develop Chemistry Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company under modern enterprise system. Its leading products include water treatment chemicals, such as isocyanuric acid series(SDIC, TCCA, ICA), and halobios products such as chitosan series. With business concept of “Honest &http://www.developchem.com/
Ningjin APC Industries, a leading manufacturer specialized in development and production of Fire Protection Valves, Industrial Valves, and Marine Valves in North China, was established in 1997 as well as the valves research center which collects more than 30 engineers, including 10 senior engineers and 2 http://www.apc-firevalve.com/